Red Bowl is Grace Point's fund that supports our missionaries and strategic partners as they carry out God's work on foreign soil.

Red Bowl supports both members of Grace Point serving in full-time ministry overseas and our strategic partners, trusted indigenous ministers who facilitate Grace Point's work around the globe.

Click to Participate in Red Bowl. A small, but uncommon, sacrifice from those of us who live in abundance can spark global transformation through our missionaries and partners throughout the world.

Red Bowl Missionaries and Partners

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Rev. Willie Dengler
South Africa

Willie Dengler has been the Pastor of Mayfair Baptist Church in central Johannesburg, South Africa for over 4 decades.

Pastor Willie is also the President of World Hope Africa and oversees a prison ministry that is ministering to more than 30,000 prisoners.

Pastor Willie and his team minister to the needs of those around them, feeding in local squatter camps twice a week and running robust ministry programs for all in the community.

Daniel Camaforte

Grace Point’s relationship with Daniel began back in 2003.

Daniel has a beautiful wife, Simone and 2 daughters.  Because he was delivered from drugs as a young man, Daniel has a passion to help men and women overcome addiction.

He leads a team ministering to the community through the Celebrate Recovery Ministry in Recreio Baptist Church.  He travels several times a year across Brazil and even to the United States to speak to share about Drug awareness and that Jesus Christ is the answer to those who are addicted.  He has worked with several Drug Rehab Centers helping with their strategy and vision.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

  • Celebrate Recovery, counseling ministry and after school programs

Gami and Cathi Ortiz

Gami and Cathi Ortiz have served as missionaries at Nehemiah Vision Ministries near Chambrun, Haiti since May 2013.

Along with raising their four children (Miguel, Kayla, Sandra, and Isaac), Gami and Cathi serve in vital roles overseeing much of the Nehemiah campus and coordinating all foreign teams and area outreach. 

Gami and Cathi have an expansive territory and big vision to reach the hundreds of thousands of area residents with the Gospel. With spiritual development as the foundation for everything they do, they are then able to offer humanitarian aid to the desperate poverty of the people they serve through education, training, nutrition, and economic empowerment.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

  • Workers, they are short staff
  • Safe travel to USA in 5 weeks, time to reconnect & refresh
  • Cathi struggling with sinus issues
  • Gami still having difficulty with knee since surgery
  • Ease anxiety for kids as they travel to states as Haiti is their home


Rob and Joany Wills

It was during a short-term mission trip to Honduras in 2009, that God placed upon the hearts of Robert and Joany to change careers and serve in full time missions. 

Rob and Joany began a diligent process of seeking where God would have them, serving in multiple Grace Point missions and seeking God in prayer with their Grace Point Life Group.

In obedience to that call, they left 32 years in public education to launch a ministry in the Republic of Ireland that brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached population there.  Based out of New Ross, County Wexford, they partner with The Grace Church New Ross ministering to the community through sports programs, Bible studies, and community outreach through a charity shop.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

    • Continued positive movement in their church
    • Praise for negotiation of 18 month contract on the Grace Shop
    • Clarity for working with youth in the community
    • Permanent facility in New Ross
    • Opportunities to share Christ with football team
    • Vacation Bible School(CEF) in Waterford & New Ross this summer
    • Opportunities to share Christ in Grace Shop

Ireland Overview-SD (480p) 2 from Grace Point Church on Vimeo.


Alfonso and Lillie Rodriguez

Alfonso and Lillie Rodríguez serve in Valledupar, Colombia with Iglesia Bíblica Misionera (IBM). Alfonso is a Colombian national who went to the United States in 2003 to study theology. Lillie is a teacher who has a passion for missions and felt called to the mission field at a very young age. They were married in 2005 and in 2011 returned to Colombia to serve in Alfonso’s home church (Nueva Jerusalém). Alfonso is the national coordinator of the study by extension program for IBM.  They teach classes and promote the denomination’s Bible institute. Together they also serve as the leaders of the youth group for the Nueva Jerusalém church.

Lastly, we help coordinate mission trips to outer lying neighborhoods and towns.

Their vision is to train leaders; preparing and equipping them to better fulfill the purpose to which God has called them.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

  • Family illnesses
  • Transition as they move to a safer neighborhood

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Horst Martens

Horst Martens is the director of Juntos Podemos Curundu in Panama.

Horst and his wife Rachel have been a Red Bowl partners since 2012 and oversees the international teams on top of the daily functions of the center in the heart of Panama City.

The ministry to the children and community are leaving eternal impacts and we are privileged to be a part of the work in Panama and blessed to be able to send teams annually to support the work.



Kevin & Anjie Clifton

Kevin and Anjie are serving at Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The school provides for the education of children of missionaries who are serving all over Asia.  Kevin, Anjie, and their three sons moved from San Antonio in 2014.  Kevin will be serves as Assistant Facilities Director, and Anjie as a Special Education teacher.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

  • For the family as they are here mourning the loss of Kevin's dad and helping his Mom adjust to her new norm.
  • Guidance in parenting on the mission field.
  • Each of their sons to finish school year and move to different seasons, oldest is graduating
  • Surrendering all to God



Ben Butler 

Ben Butler leads Way of the Cross Ministries with active ministry presence along the Texas-Mexico border, inland Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Grace Point has been partnered with Ben and Way of the Cross since 2012, assisting in local outreach efforts consisting of evangelistic revivals and food and material aid to the needy.



Jennifer Zilly-Canales

Jennifer trained under Teresa Devlin to begin running the Rancho Hogar Agua Viva children’s home.  A mentor of Jennifer’s put her in contact with Teresa. She met her husband Darwin in her first year in 2013. They have opened the children’s home and now have 5 children in their care.

Jennifer has known since she was fifteen years old that she wanted to raise children that were not biologically her own, and her heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude at this opportunity to be working for the kingdom of God in such a way here in Central America. 



Paulino Esquivel

Pastor Paulino Esquivel operates Casa Hogar Bethseda, a home for mentally and physically disabled children and adults in Piedras Negras, Mexico. He has from 15-20 individuals of both genders, children and adults with cerebral palsy, autism, down's syndrome, multiple sclerosis and other disabilities.Pastor Paulino developed a true affinity for physically disabled and mentally challenged orphans in 1994 when he accepted a young man with special needs, named Frederico, into his church's day care.

Pastor Paulino is also pastoring again a small church near his home and relies upon donations from Christians and churches to support Casa Hogar Bethseda. Grace Point sends teams regularly to help with the orphanage and his church.

March 2015 Prayer Concerns:

  • Spiritually down after the passing of one of their residents
  • Another resident fell and broke her arm needing someone in attendance all the time.



Francisco(Paco) and Eileen Lopez

Francisco "Paco" and Eileen Lopez are missionaries serving in Panzacola, in the central state of Tlaxcala, Mexico (about 3 hours southeast of Mexico City). They minister with Horizon Church (of Calvary Chapel)- the church where Paco accepted Jesus Christ and first grew in his faith. The many activities in the community include leading Bible studies, youth ministry and camp. The town is on the railway north to the US border and they encounter many individuals making the dangerous journey seeking "the good life" in the US. They have many opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with them. Despite ever present danger they are faithful to their call to ministry in Mexico.



Undercover Missionaries to Closed-Access Islamic Nations
Indian Ocean Islamic Islands & North African Islamic Nations

Grace Point supports multiple missionaries in closed-access Islamic nations. These missionaries take the Gospel into areas where the spread of Christianity is not only frowned upon, but illegal.

For their safety and the ongoing sensitivity to their mission, we keep their identities secure and ask that you continue to pray for them in their difficult environments.