A21 Walk for Freedom 2019

A21 Walk for Freedom 2019

A21 Walk for Freedom 2019

"Human trafficking is robbing millions of basic human rights, freedom, and dignity. We believe we will see a global end to human trafficking when we all take action.

This is an invitation to show up in your city and join thousands across the globe.
To walk for freedom. Stand for freedom. Fight for freedom. For the one.
For the millions. For our world.

No matter who you are or what you do,

you can take action right where you are.
We all can put our feet the pavement and take a stand for the freedom,
value, and dignity of every single human life." A21 (Abolitionist of the 21st Century)

Register as team: Grace Point Church

Please contact Kristine Gusman if you would like to join our team as we WALK FOR FREEDOM!

Kristine Gusman: 210-445-4937