Life Group Leader Training

Life Group Leader Training

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Life Group Leader here at Grace Point. In our growing community we have a significant need for more Life Group Leaders, and we welcome your consideration. The next Life Group Leader Training begins January 13th and continues through March 3rd.  Classes are at the Medical Center Campus on Sundays from 5-6pm. Register HERE. Childcare is available for birth-5th grade.

Before the Class

There are three steps that we ask every Life Group Leader candidate to complete on their way to becoming a new Life Group Leader. All steps need to be completed, and are usually completed in this order:

  1. Review the Life Group Leader Role Description and Life Group Covenant and note any questions you have about either document for discussion in step 3.
  2. Complete the Life Group Form and bring it to the class.
  3. Complete Life Group Leader Training (six weeks, offered periodically through the year).

Class graduates can lead a Life Group at either campus. Please note that the steps above should be completed before the Training begins.