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Exciting Back-to-School Event

Today there are many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren as a preventative to them entering the state foster system. Because they are not in the state system, they do not receive support services or financial assistance in any way. We want to help these grandparents be able to continue to care for their kids and meet their needs. On August 18, we are hosting an event where grandparents who are raising their grandchildren can shop with dignity for back- to-school supplies for their grandkids. 

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Foster & Adopt Ministry at Grace Point

Adopt, foster, or provide support. 

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." James 1:27

Grace Point Foster and Adopt Ministry is a community of believers who are committed to serving local and international orphans. We come together to ensure that adopted/foster children and their families are supported and equipped to thrive. Our ministry includes: 

Grace Point F & A Ministry Nights 

Once a month, the F & A Ministry meets at a host home for a time of fellowship and support. We welcome everyone engaged in the foster and adopt community to attend! All meetings start at 6:30pm. For more details and location contact us at

Special FREE opportunities for Grace Point Mission Partners! 

FREE Kids Night Out – We value the hard work foster and adoptive families are doing and want to help offer some relief! So, enjoy a kid-free night ON US once a month! Register at and add the note “GPF&A.” 

FREE Finger Printing – The fee for fingerprinting will be covered through 4Kids of South Texas for foster/adopt licenses, respite, or babysitting. We value our care community and want to ensure you can provide help without incurring a financial cost. Email for more information at

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