Missions at Grace Point Church

Grace Pointers are encouraged to “Go Local” at least once a year, by engaging intentionally and relationally with those in need in a local, low-cost setting.

We believe you are able to see life-transformation happen through sharing your story and living out the gospel through service to others.

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Grace Point has many Global Missions opportunities, from family-friendly trips to adventurous treks into difficult territory. We partner with like-minded people all over the world to see Jesus proclaimed and spiritual captives set free.

In addition to our commitment that each member would go globally once every five years, our Red Bowl missionaries and partners allow Grace Point to reach people for Christ all around the world.

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Grace Point is a church on a mission. We exist to lead common people to uncommon life in Jesus - both locally and globally.

Grace Point has many local mission partners and opportunities in the San Antonio area, helping mobilize the community in reaching the city.

Grace Point also has missionaries and partners around the world, who are supported financially through our Red Bowl fund. Our global mission trips support our Red Bowl missionaries and partners, evangelizing alongside them while encouraging and equipping the local people to reach their communities.