Could you use an extra blessing?


Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant for something more?

When we become a Christian, God gives us salvation and the hope of eternity in heaven. He also gives us purpose and significance—and the desire to share the life-changing news of the gospel in tangible ways that make a real difference in our community and the world.

If you regularly attend services at Grace Point, we encourage you to get involved beyond the worship service on Sunday. A great first step in this direction is by joining one of our many teams who serve our church. 

Serving Grace Point at the weekend services

It takes many volunteers to make what we do on the weekend services possible. We strive to make our church a place where people can hear the Word of God and worship Jesus so it takes a big team to make this possible. From helping with parking to welcoming at the doors, teaching our kids about Jesus, however God has gifted you, there are plenty of ways to be a part of making our services a reality.

Serving Grace Point during the week

There is a lot that goes on during the week to effectively lead, care for, and mobilize Grace Point. You can support ministry and mission by helping out with Kids during the week, helping plan an event, or serving at our front desk in the office.

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